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Last updates: 3-Piece Bajon, 3/2010; Multiphonics, 9/2010

I have been making replicas of historical bassoons since 1984 and modern bassoon bocals since 1993. The following pages contain information on current models.

These instruments are all handmade to order with most models offering a choice of wood, various tuning options, and custom requests such as silver keywork. Delivery times vary depending on the length of my waiting list and can be estimated when an order is placed. Please inquire about pricing and deposits, or write for any further information.

In addition, I very much enjoy, and am available for, restoration work of all kinds.

Along with workshop activities, this site also includes some notes and measurements - for which I would welcome any comments - as well as a glimpse of the work I do as a performer/composer/instrument builder.
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